Elon Musk promised to present October 17, “unexpected product”

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — RIA Novosti. The founder of Tesla and Space X Elon Musk promised to present October 17, a new, unexpected development.

“Product Tesla is expected on October 17 (unexpected for most),” wrote Musk in his Twitter.

According to Business Insider, this surprise can be the autopilot of the second generation, enabling electric cars to read road signs and recognize traffic signals. In September it was reported about the intention of the electric car manufacturer Tesla to finalize the autopilot, increasing the sensitivity of the radar to metal objects after a series of accidents.

The publication does not exclude the possibility of the presentation of the Powerwall device and Powerpack charging Tesla cars at home, about the ongoing developments which previously reported Musk.

Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 as a developer and manufacturer of electric vehicles and the technologies associated with them. The headquarters of the company is located in Palo Alto, California. In addition to the electric car company with its own technology to make batteries and engines and sells to other auto companies, particularly Toyota and Daimler.