Clinton and trump does not shake hands before the debate

Candidates in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald trump did not shake each others hands before the second debate, which began at the hotel of St. Louis (Missouri), reports Reuters.

Both politicians took the stage at the same time, greeted the audience in the hall of audience and did not approach to each other to greet with a handshake.

During the first presidential debate, which took place on the night of 27 September, Clinton and trump shook hands and then proceeded to answer questions. After the public event, Clinton said in his Twitter that the trump debate lied 58 times. The count led the campaign headquarters of Clinton.

After the debate, trump said of his victory, and cited polling data in a political newspaper from Washington, The Hill, the largest local news site in new Jersey in the weekly Variety, and online online Breitbart. However, the CNN poll showed that Clinton won the trump with a big advantage: it was considered the winner with 62% of respondents, trump’s 27%.