The number of victims of the hurricane “Matthew” exceeded 100 people

The number of victims of the hurricane “Matthew” has reached 102 people, of whom 98 — in Haiti, according to local authorities, reports Reuters.

Yesterday, October 5, a powerful hurricane struck Haiti. He then touched on the coast of Cuba, where it was evacuated about a million people. Then the hurricane moved to the coast of the United States — in particular, to the us state Forida. The Governor of the state Rick Scott has already warned of the mortal danger because of him. “We follow to prepare for a direct hit,” he said.

Most of the victims of the hurricane in Haiti died because of falling of falling trees, debris, buildings and river flooding. Earlier, the authorities claimed 69 victims of the storm. In the neighboring Dominican Republic, the hurricane claimed the lives of four people.

Hurricane “Matthew” was the strongest in the Atlantic during the period since 2007. The UN said that Haiti hurricane can be the most difficult after what happened there in 2010 earthquake.

In total, the losses from the hurricane could reach $15 billion, Bloomberg reported.