Parasyuk “ran” the operator of the inter TV channel?

Deputies were angered by the fact that the media filmed his phone

The people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk at the meeting of the anticorruption Committee was troubled that the operator of the inter TV channel was filming on his phone and not the performance of his colleagues Yury Derevyanko.

“Is the TV channel “inter”, who came to remove our meeting. The operator instead of having to remove our colleague Yury Derevyanko who says very clever things, he takes the phone of a Deputy. If you are wondering what I’m on the phone, I have it so give up. If you work, you have already filmed so that we have the war in the country,” said Parasyuk.

Earlier on September 22, there was a conflict between people’s deputies Vladimir Parasyuk and Alexander Vilkul. Among the deputies there was a verbal altercation, which resulted in the Parasyuk tried to strike Vilkul, and after he failed, scuffled with security guards and scratched the car of the administration. The driver later filed a statement on parasiuk.