Doctors revealed the secrets of elusiveness “borodavchenko” virus

MOSCOW, October 6 – RIA Novosti. The human immune system actually ignores the HPV and gives it to multiply in the papillomas and warts, due to specific protein E7, which inhibits the activity of cells of the skin, signaling the presence of infection, says the article, published in the journal Scientific Reports.

“Our study showed that the E7 protein molecules themselves are sufficient to disrupt the cells, usually forcing T-cells to fight the viral infection. This discovery also helps us to understand how cancer cells of the uterus it is possible to avoid the attention of the immune system – they also contain this protein,” says Marilyn Hibma (Merylyn Hibma) from the University of Otago (New Zealand).

The papillomaviruses are among the most common infectious agents in the human body – according to current statistics, approximately 60% of the people on Earth are infected by one or more strains of the virus.

In some cases they lead to formation of warts and papillomas on the skin surface. If a person’s immune system is unable to fight this virus, the penetration of the sexual organs, sometimes leading to cancer of the uterus, vagina, penis and other parts of the body.

Hibma and her colleagues tried to figure out how some of the most aggressive strains of human papillomavirus that most commonly cause cancer of the uterus in women, manages to make itself invisible to the immune system and to live inside of warts and papillomas.

By studying these viruses, the so-called types 16 and 18, the researchers drew attention to the fact that the cells in all aggressive cancers that they produce, contain viral genes responsible for the Assembly of two proteins – E6 and E7. This gave them the idea that these proteins may be associated with why the immune system does not touch any cancer cells or the virus itself.

They tested this idea by grafting the DNA segments responsible for the synthesis of these proteins in the cells of the ears of the mouse. This act led to an interesting consequence of the synthesis of viral proteins in the skin of mice led to the fact that she disappeared special cells, the so – called corpuscles of Langerhans. These cells are responsible for identifying possible “violators of the regime”, including virus and transporting them to lymph nodes where an immune response is produced on them.

Interestingly, the E7 protein inhibits not only the bullock of Langerhans, but also T-cells responsible for the production of the immune response to pathogens. Why is this happening, scientists still do not know, however, the suppression of the synthesis of this protein should in principle lead to restoration of the immune system and the beginning of the fight against HPV or “products” of its activities in cancer cells.

As I hope the researchers, they collected data will help to understand how this suppression occurs, and create a cure for the most aggressive strains of the virus which, according to scientists today, cause not only cancer of the uterus, but many other malignant tumors.