The Supreme court declared illegal the arrest of two defendants in the “Bolotnaya case”

The Presidium of the Russian Supreme court based on the decision of the European court of human rights (ECHR) ruled that the arrest and extension of detention period of the defendants in the “Bolotnaya case” Ilya Gushchina and Artem Savelova, reports “RIA Novosti”.

Now they can go to court with the claim about compensation of moral and material damages because of the unreasonable detention in prison.

Previously, the ECtHR examined the complaints Gushchina and Savelova and another defendant in the “Bolotnaya case” Leonid Kovyazina. The ECHR has recognised that in respect of them violated the right to a fair trial, and according to Russian law, this decision is a new circumstance that allows to send the case for review.

Gushchin and Savelov was sentenced in the case on mass riots on Bolotnaya square in Moscow on 6 may 2012 to 2.5 years of imprisonment and to date has already served his sentence.

In September 2015, the ECHR ordered Russia to pay compensation Gushchin, Savelova and Cavasino. According to the court, Cavasino and Gushchin of the Russian authorities will have to pay €2 thousand, Savelova — €3 thousand At the beginning of 2016 Russia appealed the decision of the ECHR.