Announced the shortlist for the literary prize “Russian Booker”

MOSCOW, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti. In the shortlist prize “Russian Booker-2016” included six novels of writers Leonid Yuzefovich, Peter Aleshkovsky, Sergei Lebedev, Alexander Melikhov, Boris Minaev, Sohbat of Aflatuni, said at a press conference on Wednesday, the Chairman of the jury, prose writer Olga Nikolaeva.

In the shortlist included the novels “the Fortress” Aleshkovsky, “the adoration of the Magi” Aflatuni, “Men of August” Lebedev “And they have no retribution” Melikhova “Soft fabric: Batiste. Cloth” Minaev, documentary prose “Winter road” Yuzefovich.

“All of these novels fit the definition of good literature is good literature, written with great taste, which will raise profound questions of human existence. They focus on human memory, on the problem of time,” commented the jury of Nikolaev.

The jury this year included writer and critic Alisa Ganieva, critic Vladimir Kozlov (Rostov-on-don), Vice-President of Russian library Association (RBA) Svetlana Tarasova (Novosibirsk), philologist, Professor of the RSUH, David Fellman.

Six works were chosen from the 24 who included in the long list of awards. In 2016 to participate in the competition of the award “Russian Booker” was nominated for 73 works made – 71. The nomination process was attended by 36 publishers, 6 magazines, 5 universities and 10 libraries. The winner of “Russian Booker” will receive a cash prize of 1.5 million rubles, and the finalists — 150 thousand rubles.

In 2016, Russia’s oldest independent literary prize will be awarded for the 25th time. According to the literary Secretary of the award of Igor Shaytanov, in honor of the anniversary of the award to be released book “Russian Booker-25”, presentation of which will be part of the procedure of the solemn announcement of the laureate whose name will be named on 1 December.