The son of Vice-President of LUKOIL accused the police of provoking “race”

The son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov(right)

Gagarinsky court of Moscow on Tuesday evening questioned the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov. The young man told his version about why he is in his Mercedes Gelandewagen tried to hide from six pursuing police crews breaking traffic rules and broadcasting events to the online application Periscope.

At the outset of Shamsuarov said that he lives in Moscow with his parents, studying in the third year of the Institute of oil and gas. Gubkina not working.

With your friends — Abduvahob Macidov and Viktor Uskov, who was with him in the car, he’s known for a long time, but began to communicate only in March 2016, was told by the defendant. Both, and madzhidov and Uskov is also located on the dock.

“Look, the wand flew”

Shamsuarov said that on the night of 22 may, before there was a scandalous event, the young people were in the club until four in the morning, went to a big company and they got into two cars — a Mercedes Gelandewagen Shamsuarov, BMW and their friend Mara Baghdasaryan.

“I sat in the back seat of his car along with our friend Tatiana,” said the accused. He explained that he drank at the club and could not control the car. But his friend Madiev was sober, so they decided that the car will lead it.

“We went on Leninsky Prospekt, approximately 80 km per hour, drove on the Garden ring, when someone shouted, look, the rod flew,” said Shamsuarov. The rod of the Adjuster hit the bumper of the car with Mara, who went 50 metres ahead.

Though young people protested the act of the employee of traffic police, but did not stop. “No sirens, no signs of pursuit was not heard”, — she told the judge young man. According to him, the whole company went to the house of Mary on Mosfilmovskaya street. There Shamsuarov girlfriend Tatiana called a taxi and went home and Mara on the contrary moved in the Mercedes Gelandewagen.

Search employee

After that, the whole company decided to go to drink coffee on Kutuzov Avenue in the cafe “Kofemania”, but the way someone suggested to go back to Lenin prospect and learn is still the traffic police why he threw a rod and punched through the bumper on the BMW Mara.

“We went to find the officer, but found it and made a u-turn,” said Shamsuarov. At this time he has conducted an online broadcast on the Internet. “What was the purpose of the broadcast, I wondered. She was for a narrow circle of friends, who are watching my page in the Internet”, — explained his actions by the defendant.

When the chase began, Shamsuarov claimed not to remember. “I remember only that he saw a police car that was driving parallel to us. Then we decided to turn around through the grass,” said the young man.

“You have expressed insults against the police?” asked Shamsuarov judge. “No, I never insulted the employees,” denied the accused. “That is positive you spoke to them?” — asked for clarification on the judge. “Yes, at the end I said, well, what stopped us,” stood on his Shamsuarov.

As he told the accused, they stopped the car in an empty square in the New district of Cheryomushki. All young men were forced to stand back and put your hands on the car, and began to draw up reports. The guards, according to Shamsuarov was very unhappy with their actions. “There came a very aggressive police officer, as I learned later — just the one that threw a rod. He pulled out his gun and racked the slide,” said the accused.

The Elusive Mercedes

As earlier, the court was told police officers involved in the pursuit Shamsuarov and his friends, two cars who were driving with excessive speed, they saw another exit from the Third transport ring. Tried to stop them, but the cars disappeared. A few minutes later on Leninsky Avenue (exit on the Garden ring) young men tried to detain the second crew of employees, but madzhidov turned in two solid and went in the direction of the field. Again the car Mercedes Gelandewagen police noticed already the Third transport ring, and then organized a pursuit on several machines. In court, the guards told me that the chase was very dangerous.

“The road was wet, the speed is great — reached 200-250 km/h; and our car, and they threw on the road. Time was still unpleasant when they turned across the lawn and we almost had”, said one of the policemen. In the end several u-turns in two solid lines and traffic violations the investigation regarded as a threat to the police (article 318 of the criminal code) and insult to the law enforcement officers the investigation has determined under article 319 of the criminal code. If Shamsuarov, madzhidov and Uskov are found guilty, they will face a penalty of up to five years of imprisonment. They have already served 15 days of administrative arrest for disobeying the guards.