Ministry of defence learned of the impending provocations of Kiev to the address of the officers of SCCC

MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Ministry of defence learned of the impending Ukrainian special services provocations against the Russian officers of the Joint center for coordination and control of the ceasefire in the South-East of Ukraine (SCCC), said the press service of the Ministry.

It is emphasized that these data were obtained in several reliable channels.

Action SBU with detention of the Russian military on charges of “espionage” should be held during the upcoming days the rotation of the Russian contingent SCCC.

The defense Ministry recalled that Russian officers are in Ukraine at the mutual agreement of Moscow and Kiev to provide assistance to the representatives of the Joint monitoring mission of the OSCE in monitoring the cessation of hostilities.

“To avoid jeopardizing future work of the JCCC, we urge the Ukrainian leadership to take this information and to prevent provocations against Russian troops from the Ukrainian security services,” the statement reads.