Brechalov commented on the making of “Memorial” in the list of “registered as foreign agents”

MOSCOW, 4 Jul – RIA Novosti. Secretary of the Public chamber Alexander Brechalov stated that the inclusion of “memorial” in the list of NGOs-“foreign agents” is not a serious restriction for the organization.

On Tuesday it became known that the Ministry of justice has included the International historical-educational, charitable and human rights society “memorial” in the register of noncommercial organizations performing functions of a foreign agent.

“This is a worldwide practice. Organizations that are engaged in non-commercial activities with the participation of foreign capital have a certain status. Especially the “memorial” does not hide that has foreign sources of financing. At the same time last year the human rights center received presidential grants for educational projects”, — said Brechalov RIA Novosti.

Secretary OP the Russian Federation noted that such “revival in the press and among human rights defenders” happens every time the register contains the new organization.

“I think that they have enough grounds for recognition of the “memorial” foreign agent. I am sure that the international historical-educational and charitable society “memorial” will be able to continue to conduct its research and educational work”, — he said.

Brechalov recalled that in the registry of NCOs performing functions of a foreign agent, currently includes 144 of the organization, which represents less than 1% of all NGOs in Russia — from 220 thousand organizations.