Before the first meeting in the Duma repaired the lighting and cleaned up

MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. Experts have repaired a number of rooms restored the flooring in the meeting room, repaired lighting equipment and had a General cleaning in the building of the state Duma on Wednesday held the first meeting of the deputies of the new convocation, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the office of the President of the Russian Federation Elena Krylova.

According to her, a Commission was established, which included staff of the state Duma and employees of the Manager. In addition, Krylov recalled that the building of the State Duma applies to buildings of historical heritage, so repair and restoration work that has been conducted in collaboration with the Ministry of culture and moskomnasledie content structure, were subject to the regulations.

According to Krylova, the current Commission has identified common areas and offices to be repaired. “In a Large conference room were restored parquet, painting walls, cleaning floor coverings, carpets and chairs, genomica, repair lighting equipment,” — said Krylov.

“These restoration works will not affect the work of deputies. Manager most difficult part of the repair will hold operational, the maximum repair period is two weeks,” — said Krylov. She added that the wear of the classrooms are small — 32%.

As for the building of the state Duma, as told of Krylov, taking into account new achievements in the field of IT-technologies and needs has been increased power supply, reconstruction of distribution substations and server rooms. In addition, according to her, was renovated the television and radio, conducted preventive works on cleaning of air conditioning systems, ventilation air circulation systems, fire alarm systems, heating systems, and partially replaced the radiator and screens, had a facelift in the public areas, restored staircase, made repairs in the barbershop, had a General cleaning of the premises of the power plant.

In addition, as told of Krylov, in the framework of the repair and restoration work on the second floor within the buildings are now a memorial Board of memory of victims in the great Patriotic war, led equipment, imitating the eternal fire.

Krylov also said that along with the Moscow authorities had carried out work on the building of the state Duma in a single concept of lighting buildings in a single concept the design of external facades of buildings.