Expert: HIV treatment left to do the last step

MOSCOW, October 3 — RIA Novosti. In the treatment of HIV infection remained to take the final step, and, if he has already done, it means the end of the disease, told RIA Novosti chief specialist diagnostics and treatment of HIV infection of the Department of health of Moscow Alexey Mazus.

Earlier media reported that the inhabitant of UK with HIV infection had therapy, developed by scientists from five leading universities. According to preliminary results of the infection in the patient’s blood is not detected.

“The fact that we have been close (to solving problems), and the long efforts of the leading institutions aimed at creating new vaccines and a new approach to the treatment of HIV infection. We expect that this step, which remains to be made in the near future. So if we are talking about this step, it is a great luck, and God grant that so it was, because in recent years the world is waiting who will do it first. If the first turned out these colleagues, so we have hope that in the near future this technology will be used and will be massive. Actually, it would mean the end of HIV,” said Mazus.

According to him, the method of treatment is likely to be the property of the company, which funded the ongoing study, therefore, the product is likely to be commercial.

“With regards to our research, they are also conducted. Our scientists have created a vaccine, but it is not very clear how they work, as yet only reached the second stage of testing. They are safe, but how effective they are, until today no data. But in science you have to invest (funds)… examples with this case confirms once again how important it is to pay attention to their scientists and to science,” added Mazus.

Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets said that in 2015 year, there were 93 thousand new cases of HIV infection total number of HIV-infected people living in Russia, reached 793 thousand people.