In the DNI and LC ended the primaries

In the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics has completed the primary.

As reported Donetsk news Agency (DAN), according to preliminary data, in the areas the DNR came 369 617 people. However, the press attache of the Provisional election Commission (Vṛka) Oleg Balykin said that now continues counting.

Lugansk information center reports that as at 20: 00 in LC in the primaries voted more than 54 thousand voters. Chairman Vṛka the self-proclaimed Republic Sergiy Koziakov called the turnout “great.”

“The figures that we set, they were exceeded pretty well,” he said.

The inhabitants of the DNI in the primaries chose mayors, deputies of city and local councils, heads of settlements. GIVEN reports that only the candidate lists were the names of 1098 people.

The Agency emphasizes that the purpose of primaries stated to identify the most promising candidates who enjoy genuine prestige among the population.