Congress “Dill”: the Rebellion was suppressed dissent through a loyal to the current leadership of the party

The Congress party almost fell

The Congress party “DILL”, which was held in Kiev, nearly fell because of the rebellion of “dissent” supporters eks-the leader of the party Gennady Korban. One of the delegates, the representative of the Donetsk regional organization Vladimir Shilov proposed to amend the agenda the question on an exception of party of one of her leaders Denis Borisenko. It is considered close to first Deputy head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional Council Svyatoslav Oleynik, the man of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

It Denis Borisenko appointed temporary head of the political Council of “Fennel” in the winter of this year, when the trial was over, the then party leader Gennady Korban. The latter was dismissed from his post without his consent.

After this reshuffle in the Dill began internal differences, and the new leadership of the party beginning the formation of a new Charter and cleansing in the regional cells. Also talked about fraud with the Charter.

“Why is there the question of the adoption of the new Charter? What about the old one? Did someone responsible for the old? Or we begin to act in the principle of “the camera decides everything? As far as I know, there was also implicated Mr. Borisenko. There is Vinnytska party delegation. Why people are not admitted to the Congress? On his own initiative or at someone’s request? I offer it (Borisenko) to exclude from the party”, – said Vladimir Shilov during a speech at the Congress.

The exclusion of Denis Borisenko was put to a separate vote. However, he did not receive a sufficient number of votes “for” vote of 69 delegates, against – 237 of 386 registrants.

“Attempted rebellion prevented by the votes of the delegates loyal to the current leadership of the party, which was the majority. Before Congress Taras Batenko and Denis Borisenko under the leadership of Mace cleaned the ranks of regional organizations, in particular, are generally eliminated Vinnytsia organization. Most of the delegates from Odessa and Kharkov – completely new people,” said one of the participants of the Congress.