Topilin said about reducing the number of first births

ANOSINO (Moscow region), October 1 — RIA Novosti. In Russia there is a trend of declining fertility the first child, you need to think about how to support the birth of children in young families, announced Minister of labour and social protection RF Maxim Topilin during a speech at the seminar “United Russia”.

“We know that the number of women who are in reproductive age, sharply declining… We managed to stabilize the situation. While the birth rate even this year remains at the level of previous years — approximately 1.9 million births per year, a little more,” — said Topilin.

The Minister noted that such levels of fertility will not be able to support constantly, so you need to think over measures which will help overcome negative tendencies of the birth rate.

“We see now that the decline in the number of first births. This is a very bad trend, need to think about how to support to a greater extent how to send vector support primarily for the birth of young families,” — said Topilin, noting that it is not necessary to stimulate the birth of the first child, but it is possible to consider, for example, the support of those who begat two children under the age of 30 years.

“This means that you need to deal with the subject of support for student families, the theme of the school infrastructure. In each school the option to create a room for childcare,” said the Minister.

“Practice shows that the population gets used to support… there Comes a time where it 2018-2019, when we need additional measures to support families,” concluded Topilin.