Golikova: some regions overstate the price of drugs

ANOSINO (Moscow region), October 1 — RIA Novosti. A number of Russian regions increases the price of drugs, in some cases several times, said at the seminar “United Russia” in the Corporate University of Sberbank head of the audit chamber Tatyana Golikova.

“What we found in our audits in the regions: the regions over the price of medications… We checked the five regions and found that it was possible to save on the purchase of these drugs is about 50 million rubles,” — said Golikova.

The chamber, she said, revealed the cases when the difference in price for the same drug in the regions that are geographically adjacent to each other is 3-4.

Currently, the legislation does not include the procedure of forming the list of medicines for free or at a 50% discount provided by the regions on an outpatient basis, has added Golikova.