Budget revenues in 2016 will be of 13.37 trillion rubles

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. The preliminary parameters of the budget of the Russian Federation for 2016 suggest that spending in the current year will amount to 16.4 trillion rubles, revenues — of 13.37 trillion rubles, the deficit will amount to 3.7% of GDP.

These data are shown in the presentation of the Ministry of Finance, which has reviewed RIA Novosti.

The expenditures of the Federal budget for 2017-2019, as suggested earlier, the frozen at level 15,78 trillion rubles. The budget revenues over the years will be in 2017 — of 13.03 trillion rubles, 2018 — 13,77 trillion rubles in 2019 will rise to 14.64 billion rubles. Thus, the Ministry of Finance retains the projected parameters of the budget deficit to GDP to 3.2%; 2.2% and 1.2% of GDP in the years 2017-2019, respectively.

The Ministry of Finance plans to attract the domestic market to cover the deficit in 2017 to 1.09 trillion rubles, in 2018 — of 1.16 trillion and in 2019 — 1.1 trillion.

The Ministry of Finance puts the budget parameters negative performance in terms of external borrowing minus 40 billion rubles in 2017 and minus 129 billion in 2018, respectively. This means that net attraction of funds on foreign debt will be less than the cost of servicing current debt. In 2019, the options on foreign loans will again return to positive values, according to Finance Ministry estimates they will amount to 20 billion rubles.

Earlier, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the Finance Ministry plans to set a limit on the volume of external loans for the 2017-2019 at 7 billion dollars annually.

This year, the Ministry of Finance expects to receive from the privatization of 382 billion rubles in the next three years for 6 billion rubles annually. In the presentation of the Ministry of Finance shows that the contingency Fund will be exhausted in 2017. With regard to the national welfare Fund balances in the Fund, excluding funds placed in financial assets, in 2017 will amount to 2.07 trillion rubles, in 2018 — 914 billion in 2019, the balance of liquid funds will amount to 500 billion rubles.

In addition to the basic parameters of the Ministry of Finance gives the figures from measures to mobilize revenues, which include revenues from the provision of payment of state-owned companies 50% of the profits; an increase in the gas severance tax; modifying the taxation of the oil industry, as well as other measures. These innovations of the Ministry of Finance will bring in the budget in 2017 831 billion in 2018 — 911 billion and more than 1.04 trillion rubles in 2019.

Siluanov previously reported that the country’s budget for a period of three years assumes average oil prices of $ 40 per barrel and inflation of 4%.