Became known the details of the attack on the synagogue in Moscow

MOSCOW, 1 Jul — RIA Novosti. A man with a canister of gasoline, injuring the guard of the Metropolitan synagogue, demanded a meeting with the chief Rabbi, announced the TV channel Life Deputy Chairman of the Moscow community of mountain Jews of Victor Rachminov.

“It happened around seven in the evening, during the complete Sabbath prayers. This man is three in the afternoon tried to enter the synagogue with the canister. The guards asked what he wanted he said he needs a Rabbi. When the guards realized that he was not quite adequate, they called the police,” said Rahmlow.

According to him, the guards were negligent: in addition, as one of them turned away, the man pulled out a gun and shot him and the driver of one of the parishioners.

“He opened the canister, tried to set fire to himself, but did not, the wounded guard knocked him down,” added Rachminov.

The gun, he said, was pneumatic. Deputy Chairman of the community told journalists that the assailant looked like “an intelligent person in glasses”.

According to Rachminov, the security guard received serious injury.

“He was taken to surgery, but I don’t think the wound is serious. He punched him in the cheek, tongue”, — he added.