The Ministry of transport may ban the trucks out of Russia without payment of the “Plato”

ADLER, 30 Sep — RIA Novosti/Prime. The Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation is going to launch a legislative initiative on the prohibition of the exit of foreign heavy trucks outside of the Russian Federation in case of nonpayment of tolls on Federal highways within the system “Platon”, told journalists the first Deputy head of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation Eugene Dietrich.

This is just one of the measures under consideration, including issuing injunctions and fines, said later by the representative of Dietrich.

“(To prevent the departure of foreign trucks) outside the Russian Federation if they have not paid for “Plato”. This is probably one of the few additional conditions for the movement of foreign trucks in the framework of “Plato,” said Dietrich in reply to the question about the control of foreign carriers that move on the Russian Federal highways.

“Today there are practical mechanisms that allow customs to verify whether it was made a charge in motion, whether paid penalty if it was imposed and, accordingly, do not release from the territory of the Russian Federation to make these payments,” added Dietrich.

The “Plato” introduced on 15 November 2015. Money c trucks going to the road Fund in the form of compensation for the destruction of the tracks by trucks weighing more than 12 tons. The rate was 1.53 rubles per kilometre from March 2016 was supposed to grow to 3.06 rubles. However, the government has extended the reduced rate to fall. Until what date is the decision of the Cabinet was not mentioned. However, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the rate of 1.53 of the ruble will continue until October 2016.