The ISS crew tested the new sliding module BEAM

WASHINGTON, Sep 30 – RIA Novosti. Board engineer, ISS NASA astronaut Kate Rubins Thursday tested the sliding module BEAM, said the Agency.

“Board engineer Kate Rubins today in the afternoon, opened it and stepped inside, sliding the module Bigelow,” reported NASA.

Astronaut Rubins “set temporary equipment in order to carry out measurements of shocks and vibrations experienced by the module. The results of the measurements and the time Rubens spent inside the experimental module, not reported.

Module BEAM was delivered to the ISS in early April, and then using air apart to its working size. On the sixth of June the crew made the first output for sampling air and deposition sensors.

The experimental module will stay on the ISS for two years to test the reliability of the sliding design. The crew will be there only occasionally for short periods of time, on the expiration of two years the module will leave the station.