The Canadians won the world Cup, the NHL acknowledged the success of the revived tournament

TORONTO, Sep 30 – R-Sport, Semyon galkevich. Team Canada hockey became the winner ended on Thursday in Toronto world Cup, the tournament, organized by the national hockey League (NHL) and the Union of players of League (NHLPA), was held for the third time and first since 2004.

Team Canada 2-0 in matches in final series beat created specifically to participate in the tournament, team Europe, composed of players from eight countries (Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Slovenia and France). The Canadians won all six matches in the tournament with a total score 24:8.

Team Canada captain Sidney Crosby became the best scorer of the world Cup with 10 points (three goals and seven assists) and was named the most valuable player of the tournament.

The Americans disappointed the Europeans surprised

At the preliminary stage, eight teams were divided into two groups, which spent three matches. In group A played teams from Canada, USA, Czech Republic and Europe, the group B teams Russia, Sweden, Finland and of young stars in North America.

Canadians steamroller drove over rivals, winning three matches with a total score of 14:3 and advanced to the semifinals from the first place. Second place in the group went to the team of Europe, which became the main sensation of a preliminary stage. The team hurried to write off after the two devastating defeats (0:4 and 4:7) from young stars in North America in the exhibition matches before the start of the world Cup, however, Europeans began the tournament with a win over team USA with the score 3:0, and after the victory over the Czechs in overtime (3:2) the second match of the tournament is already guaranteed to the semi-finals.

Americans who have lost chances of an exit from group already after the second match, the team lost to the Czech Republic (3:4) and the third match, the team was the main disappointment of the world Cup.

“It’s not in the squad, a team of good players, strong strikers, but teamwork in attack we failed, two goals in two matches is too little. Of course I’m upset, I’m depressed, a wide range of emotions experience. I understand that our performance at the world Cup has upset a large number of people, and feel responsible for it,” — said the chief coach of the national team of the USA John Tortorella.

Hockey. The world Cup. Match Europe – Canada

“Young stars” conquered the world

The winner of the second group was the team of Sweden, who beat the team of Russia (2:1), Finns (2:0) and lost in overtime, young Americans (3:4). A team of canadian and American players under the age of 23 years, including five of their last six first issues of the NHL draft (Aston Matthews, Connor McDavid, Aaron Ekblad, Nathan MacKinnon, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins), showed the bright and “crazy” game in the group stage and fall in love with as fans, already in the first days raskupili all the paraphernalia and experts.

The Americans won two matches out of three, but since the victory over the Swedes was produced only in overtime, then additional indicators (personal meeting) the team missed the semifinals of the national team of Russia.

“The story of a team of young North Americans at the world Cup remains unfinished. Like many, I was upset that they came from the group of: on the game they were supposed to be in the final,” said three-time Stanley Cup winner and two-time Olympic champion Igor Larionov.

Team Finland, and team USA in the other group, lost chances of an exit in the semifinals after the first two matches, lost the young Americans (1:4) and the Swedes (0:2).

Hockey. The world Cup. Match Europe – Canada

Russia reached the semi-finals and optimistic about the direction OI

The Russian team opened the world Cup with a heavy match against the Swedes, in which the team woke up only in the end, but it was not enough – 1:2. The first period of the second game against young stars of North America, the Russians also did not allowed the opponent to score, but in the second period just six minutes Vladislav Namestnikov, Nikita Kucherov, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Vladimir Tarasenko scored against the current holder of the Stanley Cup Matt Murray’s four goals. The Americans narrowed the gap to one washer, but to save the game they were not allowed goalie Sergei Bobrovsky for a day then made 70 saves (37 Swedes and 43 with the “young stars”).

Winning the “young stars” over the Swedes in overtime had a positive impact on positions in the standings for the Russians: the team was satisfied with any victory over the Finns in the last game. Bobrovsky has played “on zero”, and Tarasenko, Ivan Telegin and Evgeni Malkin sent a goal in gate of Tuukka rusk – 3:0.

In the semifinals, the Russian team was waiting for the hosts of the tournament, and if before the match Alexander Ovechkin said the team need a miracle to win, the game itself showed that Canadians are still out of reach.

In the first period blunder by Dmitry Kulikov lost the puck near their own goal, led to a goal by Sidney Crosby. In the second period, the Canadians continued to dominate, however, the Russians unexpectedly managed to come out ahead: first scored by Nikita Kucherov (single throw of the Russians for the first ten minutes of the second period), and soon Evgeny Kuznetsov scored against Carey price’s second goal.

A player of team Finland’s Mikko Koivu and the player of national team of Russia Alexander Ovechkin (right) in the match of group stage of the world Cup hockey championship between the national teams of Russia and Finland

Even before the second break brad Marchand equalized, and in the third period, Marchand, Corey Perry and John Tavares shot the last questions about who will be the first finalist of the world Cup.

“The team fought, two periods were really in the game, but not enough of us. Today, Canada is stronger objectively, what to say. The tournament showed that the Russian hockey can with optimism to look in the direction of the Olympic games (2018) in Korea,” said President of Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR) Vladislav Tretiak.

Team Europe jumped higher than his head, but this is not enough with Canadians

In the second semifinal the next sensation gave team Europe, sent the home team Sweden, which was considered the undisputed favorite of the match (3:2 in overtime).

Team Europe is a unique project, which, according to head coach Ralph Krueger (Chairman of the Board of Directors of English football club “Southampton”), is that the team has “no past, no future”, because at the moment no decision has been made about whether this team assembled again to participate in the next world Cup.

The Europeans did not stop there in the first game of the final series to two victories against the Canadians gave him his best match of the tournament. The first period, team Europe held more active than the Canadians who, it seemed, could not Wake up, perebrosali opponent 13-9, but at the break the team went with the score 2:0 in favor of the Canadians, who twice managed to escape “two in one”.

Team Ralph Krueger continued to put pressure on the goal Carey price in the second period, and in the 27th minute that brought the result: Dennis Seidenberg left from the blue, and first to the rebound and managed by Tomas Tatar – 2:1. Before the game, it’s hard to believe, but team Europe won the period Canadians. In the third period, the pioneers hockey finally woke up, and 50 minutes, best of three world Cup organized his next goal of the tournament: Crosby pass from behind the goal found by Patrice Bergeron – 3:1. To win back two goals, the chances of the national team of Europe was gone.

In the second match of the finals of the Europeans failed once again to impress everyone. They from the first minute actively entered the game, and already on the seventh minute zdeno’hara opened the scoring in the match. Team Ralph Krueger perebrosali Canadians in the first period (12-8). And did it again in the second (15-13). If before the final, the experts wondered whether European team to win at least one period in the series, now all watched as a team of Kruger outright outplayed the Canadians for a long time, releasing them from their own zone. However to develop success in the second period, team Europe couldn’t, and the Canadians missed the absolute moment, when John Tavares threw the empty goal, but hit the post.

Hockey. The world Cup. Match Europe – Canada

In the first five matches of the tournament, team Canada is trailing by 2 minutes 40 seconds (less than one percent of the total playing time), in the second game of the final, the Canadians were losing more than 50 minutes. When it seemed that a miracle will happen, and team Europe will interrupt pyatnadcatiletiyu winning streak of Canadians in the tournament with the participation of all strongest players, two-minute removal earned the captain the Europeans Angers Kopitar. To miss the fifth most in a row the team Mike Babcock had the right, and Patrice Bergeron who flicked the puck after a throw of Brent burns on the blue line – 1:1.

The denouement turned out just incredible. Team Europe won the majority in two minutes to the end, the novel Yosi hit the post, and then Jonathan toews entered the zone of the opponent and fed the puck under the throw the best scorer of the tournament brad Marshanda – 2:1. The best of three tournament Bergeron – Crosby – Marchand scored 25 points in six games.

World Cup in Toronto the fans have been waiting for twelve years, but now, in the words of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, the tournament will be held on a regular basis. “We haven’t discussed with the players’ Union, how often we can organize the world Cup every four years, every three or five years, but it’s safe to say that the next world Cup will be held. Tournament in Toronto was a success, it became an important event in the international sporting arena and we believe that the tournament was a good Foundation, which we must use,” said Bettman, summing up the tournament in Toronto.

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