Salyut: elements for energy storage from Russia came to the world level

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. Russian support for a superconducting kinetic energy storage (CNE), created “NPTS in gas turbine construction “Salut” (part of United engine Corporation UEC) have been successfully tested, reaching rates equal to the best world analogues, reported RIA Novosti Deputy General Director-managing Director of “Salute” Vitaliy Klochkov.

Work on the subject underway in the Moscow branch of “Salyut machine — building design Bureau (ICB) “Horizon”.

Kinetic energy (CNE) is a device for accumulation and storage of energy, which converts the mechanical energy of the rotating flywheel into electrical energy motor-generator. NOEC can be used as a backup power supply of different objects, including strategic. To reduce losses in the storage of energy in the NEC, it is advisable to use non-contact bearings, which include the magnetic bearing system based on high temperature superconductors (HTSC-support).

World level

“In the framework of the project “Superconducting industry” of state Corporation “Rosatom” created and tested a prototype of kinetic energy storage with stored energy of 5 megajoules, it uses HTS-supports, which hold a rotor weighing over 600 kilograms,” — said Klochkov.

According to him, created a “Salute” of the support characteristics are not inferior to the German counterparts.

“There is a project of the NEC and the American company Boeing, the characteristics of their suspensions are also close to that obtained by us”, — said Klochkov.

In the future it is possible to create such superconducting bearings with axial load in one tonne, said the head of the laboratory of Department of scientific-research and experimental-design works, IBC “Horizon” Basil Aseev.

“There are no fundamental obstacles to creating such supports no. The question in the presence of the customer, as the work would require funding to do support with this load for pure science currently impossible”, — told RIA Novosti Aseev.

“Salute” plans to develop cooperation with Rosatom on superconducting direction. “While we participated only in the creation of magnetic suspensions on the basis of high-temperature superconducting kinetic energy storage. Currently, the Corporation considers the project to continue work on the program “Superconducting industry”, where our company is represented in a number of ways,” he said Aseev.

New opportunities

In addition to works in the framework of the Rosatom program for superconductors, “Horizon” is ready in the future to participate in the creation of nodes for the superconducting cryogenic engine electric aircraft, if there is a corresponding order.

“The “Horizon” established cooperation with the Moscow aviation Institute, where there is a team having vast experience in electric machines with superconducting windings. “Horizon”, for its part, has the groundwork for high-temperature superconducting suspensions, so if the task of creating engines using superconducting nodes will be delivered, we are ready to undertake its implementation,” said Aseev.

IBC “Horizon” (Dzerzhinsky, Moscow region) — the branch of JSC “Scientific and production centre (SPC) of gas turbine construction “Salut” (part of UEC).

The main areas of work, IBC “Horizon” associated with the establishment of power plants based on aircraft gas turbine engines produced “Salute”, and conducting research and development works on improvement of the components of these products.