From the Metropolitan Museum of art in new York demanded the return of a Picasso

MOSCOW, 30 Sep — RIA Novosti. Art the Metropolitan Museum of art in new York filed a lawsuit demanding the return of a painting by Pablo Picasso, presumably, sold in 1938, in the era of Nazism and fascism in Europe, reports Reuters.

According to the Agency, the complaint was filed in Manhattan Federal court of Sex Leffmann a descendant of the Jewish industrialist from Germany, owning a Picasso painting “the Actor” from a relative short-lived “rose period” in his work (1904-1905 years). The damage is estimated at $ 100 million.

The canvas depicts a tall and skinny young man in a pink suit. In accordance with the complaint, Lippmann sold “Actor” of the two sellers of paintings in June 1938, over 12 thousand dollars to escape to Switzerland from a regime of Benito Mussolini in Italy where he and his wife moved from Germany a year earlier. Events unfolded shortly after a visit of Adolf Hitler to Italy.

The Metropolitan Museum of art received the painting in 1952, but, according to the complaint, did not conduct a proper investigation to establish the origin of the work of art. After several years of incorrect cataloging, in 2011, the Museum finally admitted the right of the family, Leffmann to possession of the painting. On hearing this, the plaintiff demanded the return of “Actor”.

“We believe that the picture is tainted by the history of the Holocaust and Leffmann, given the circumstances under which they sold it, never lost the right to “Actor”, — said the lawyer of the family.