Mitsubishi passenger plane completed its first test flight in the US

Passenger jet Mitsubishi has completed the first test flight of the Japanese city of Nagoya to Washington, DC, USA. This writes The Wall Street Journal.

The plane landed at the international airport Grant County, Washington. The flight was 68 hours. The aircraft did stop in Northern Japan and Russia before to make a flight over the Bering sea toward Alaska on the American continent, the plane was further landed in Moses lake in Washington state.

This is the first successful attempt, which was made after several failed tests in the past month. The flight has been repeatedly postponed due to the discovery of problems in the air conditioning system on the plane.

Regional jet MRJ has been developed by a division of Japan Corporation Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. — Mitsubishi Aircraft. He became the first more than 50 years of passenger aircraft in Japan. The range of averages from 1.8 thousand to 3.7 thousand km.

Presentation of the aircraft took place in October of 2015. It was presented in several versions with a capacity of 78 seats and 92 passengers. The company is also considering to start production of the aircraft 100.

MRJ test flights began a month after the presentation. Kyodo said that currently the company is working on obtaining safety certificates from the Japanese Ministry of transport. For that MRJ is necessary to descend 2.5 thousand hours. The company also received 477 orders from a number of Japanese and American companies. Deliveries to customers expected to start in 2018.