The Finnish authorities returned the children Russian women in the shelter

The Finnish authorities returned children Russian woman Victoria Medvedeva to the shelter and was placed into the custody of social services. This writes the Finnish newspaper Iltaleht.

At the same time as have informed Agency “Interfax” the human rights activist Johan Backman, according to Medvedev, the authorities want to check whether the children wish to return to Russia.

September 25, the Finnish police began an investigation after the removal of the children Medvedeva. Then it became known that the parents took their children who had previously taken power and was placed in an orphanage.

September 21, Beckman reported the removal of children from Medvedeva. As reported TASS, the social security authorities took the five year old twins from kindergarten, and a ten — year girl from the home and placed in an orphanage.

According to Beckmann, the Finnish authorities have restricted parental rights Medvedeva, “on the grounds that their mother allegedly slapped”. He added that this decision was made once again without trial”.

On the same day the Russian foreign Ministry has promised to deal with the removal of children from Medvedeva.