Vasilyev wants to get back cleaning the school premises

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. Minister of education and science of Russia Olga Vasilieva said about the need to return to the education system, work in the garden and cleaning the school premises, ceasing thereby to educate “consumers”.

“We must return and rural brigades that we had in rural schools, we need to return to work on private land, which has always been, we must return to cleaning the school, which does not border a threat to the life and health of the student. We must return, primarily the responsibility of the little man for the place that he holds for 11 years,” said Vasiliev at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee for science, education and culture.

According to her, the disciple should be “not a small consumer and a Creator, which in this school building together with us, with teachers and parents.”

In addition, the Minister stated that it considers necessary to establish the regulation of relations between school and parents. In her opinion, the relations between the teacher and the parents flipped “upside the head”.

“Because the cartoons, which is on the Internet yesterday and today, I believe that it is unacceptable things. Yesterday is a teacher, talking to parents and says that we need to pay attention. Today it is a completely different picture: there is a teacher, a student and a parent trying to explain something,” explained Vasilyev.