The people of Azerbaijan supported increase in presidential term

Residents of Azerbaijan held in the country the referendum supported the amendments to the Constitution of the country. This is evidenced by the surveys for the exit polls (“polls”).

In particular, the survey monitoring Center “ray,” which refers to “Interfax”, showed that 92,5% of respondents expressed support for initiatives to increase the presidential term from five to seven years, and 91.1% of the respondents supported the removal of age limits for presidential candidates. 89.3 per cent agreed to the introduction in the country of Institute of the Vice-President.

As Trend news Agency reported, citing a survey of the League of labor rights protection and American non-governmental organization AJF& Associates, “for” the amendments in respect of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan voted 89.7 interviewed. Your acceptance of the changes in connection with the human rights expressed 88.3 per cent, in connection with social security – 86.5% of respondents.