SpaceX first tested the engine for interplanetary flights

About the test engine for interplanetary travel in his Twitter wrote the founder of SpaceX Elon Musk, noting that the test was successful.

The Raptor engine is running on liquid methane, writes CNBC. He is expected to be used for rocket Dragon under Mars mission SpaceX.

According to the Mask, Raptor three times more powerful than the Merlin engine used on the Falcon 9 rocket.

Testing the new engine was carried out in advance of the performance Mask, dedicated to Mars mission. According to CNBC, the businessman announced its intention within ten years of starting the colonization of Mars and talk about the project “Transport for Mars colonization”, which will be able to deliver on the Red planet a hundred people.

The performance of the Mask will be held on Tuesday in the Mexican city of Guadalajara in the framework of the International astronomical Congress. It will be broadcast live on the SpaceX website.

In April, Musk announced an unmanned mission to Mars in 2018. He also talked about the intention to make a manned flight to Mars in the years 2020-2025.