Space laboratory “Tiangong-2” brought to a height of 393 metres above the Ground

BEIJING, September 26 – RIA Novosti, Zhanna Manukyan. Chinese scientists on Sunday brought the space lab Tiangong-2″ (“heavenly Palace-2”) to a height of 393 km above the Earth, where next month it is planned docking with the manned spacecraft “Shenzhou -11” (“Holy hook-11”), according to Xinhua news Agency.

“Before Sunday maneuver the laboratory passed the nine-day test in orbit. All the test results suggests that lab is in good condition”, — quotes Agency Deputy head of the Beijing aerospace control Li Jian.

Chinese scientists September 15 launched from the Baikonur Jiuquan in Gansu province, the carrier rocket “Changzheng-2F” (“long March-2F”), which delivered into orbit at 380 kilometers above the Earth habitable space laboratory Tiangong-2″. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 23 Sep laboratory began conducting various tests in orbit.

According to the plans of Chinese scientists in mid-October, the manned spacecraft “Shenzhou-11 spacecraft will deliver two astronauts to the Tiangong-2, where they will stay 30 days, which will be a record in the history of Chinese Astronautics. In April 2017, China will send to the laboratory is the first Chinese cargo ship Tanjou-1” (“celestial ship-1”), which will deliver fuel and other supplies.