Naryshkin: the U.S. began hosting the EU structures

MOSCOW, September 26 — RIA Novosti. The U.S. began hosting the EU structures, including the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said the speaker of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Sergei Naryshkin, appointed Director of the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation.

“I was and remain a supporter of preserving partnership relations with all countries of the world. I think we need to do all that in the XXI century, mankind was free from the danger of fomenting new wars and “cold”, and especially “hot”. But the risks here increase manifold, if in the Affairs of the continent will continue to intervene extra-regional players — in all senses far from the interests of Europe”, — Naryshkin wrote in his column in “the Russian newspaper”.

“And we see how it began to host the United States in the EU structures and in the same PACE,” he said.

In his opinion, over the last couple of years the pan-European idea is in fact conceded to the Euro-Atlantic. “But the displacement of one vector others began long ago — with a braking issue on visa-free regime with Russia, advancing to our borders, both NATO and the us missile defense infrastructure. I repeat: all this was long before the Ukrainian crisis. As a result, the concept of wider Europe modern European politicians almost forgotten,” he said.

Naryshkin stressed that the security of the continent is not added.