MP urged to restore relations with Russia

MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Radical party Andrei Artemenko said the failure of European integration of Ukraine, the newspaper reports

“We will not accept. We say — let us join the EU and NATO. Why? Are we being called? We were like crazy looking Western diplomats,” said Artemenko.

The Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU called the policy a sham, and stressed that it leads to the destruction of the Ukrainian production. However, he called for restoration of relations with the countries of the former Soviet Union.

According to Artemenko, Ukraine can not “take their territory and move to Canada, so she should focus not on the West, and “their neighbors, to their family”.

“All the countries that were part of the Soviet Union, should be our closest trading partners. There is no need to invent a Bicycle there has already been invented, they know our products, they know exactly what to do with it,” — said the Deputy.