In the office of Sberbank in Moscow, we found a coffee shop accepting bitcoin as payment

In one of the Moscow offices of Sberbank working the coffee shop, which accepts payments in bitcoins. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to its co-owner Timothy Kulikov and press service of the Russian Bank.

According to the Agency, in the building of the head office of Sberbank on Vavilov street in Moscow in a mobile coffee shop Headquarters for several weeks with bitcoin, you can buy six types of coffee, tea masala and croissants.

Entrepreneur and co-owner of the coffee shop Headquarters Timothy Kulikov in comments to the Agency noted that in Russia “there is no law that prohibits buying bitcoins” individuals. He said that in his coffee shop wants to pay with bitcoin puts the sum in the virtual wallet Kulikov. The operating system then translates the translated amount of bitcoins to rubles.

In a press-service of the savings Bank to question Bloomberg about bitcoin said that at present the Bank examines technology, which is based on bitcoin payments. Representatives of financial institutions noted that the coffee shop Headquarters Timothy Kulikov has no relationship to the savings Bank.

“The situation that we see in the coffee shop, is as follows: you buy a coffee for rubles, because the Manager is still changing bitcoins for rubles for conducting cash operations”, — said the press service at the request of the Agency, adding that the Bank is considering the situation with payments in bitcoins in his on-site coffee shop “as a marketing ploy and nothing more.

In mid-August, on the Noviy Arbat street in the center of Moscow opened the first bitcoin exchange called BTC24pro. Edition ForkLog reported that while clients of the item is available only to transactions for the sale of bitcoins, and the exchange is carried out entirely in private. The creators of the exchange claim that the organization operates legally, without violating the Russian legislation.

In September the head of Sberbank German Gref spoke against the ban of cryptocurrencies in Russia. In his opinion, “it is certainly not something that should be banned”. He also noted that he himself belongs to “a little bit of bitcoin.