In Latvia, explained the dismantling of the monument to Soviet sailors

RIGA, September 26 – RIA Novosti. The dismantling of the monument to Soviet sailors in Limbazi was made in the interests of security of the local population, the press service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Latvia.

The Limbazi branch of the organization Daugava Vanagi in late summer eliminated a monument honoring Soviet sailors who died in Latvia during the Second world war. It was argued that the condition of the monument, located on the territory of the elementary school Limbazi, it was an emergency, so that any threat to the safety of children.

“We requested the government to provide available information and on its basis including the answer was Russia… the Government acted in the interests of safety of the population, especially given the fact that the object is close to a school,” said the Minister.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Latvia has submitted a note to the foreign Ministry in connection with this case.

The organization Daugava vanagi (“Hawks of Daugava”) is a Latvian nationalist, anti-Soviet organization. It was established after the Second world war in a pow camp in Belgium in 1945. The founders and members of the organization were former Latvian SS Legionnaires.