Moscow demanded the return of a prisoner in Guantanamo Russians

Moscow demanded that the US authorities homecoming last contained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Russian citizen Ravil Mingazova. This was stated by Russian foreign Ministry Commissioner for human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov, Interfax reports.

“We believe that he should be sent home to Russia. All the relevant arguments we American colleagues repeatedly brought,” — said the representative office. He noted the need for the US administration to “close this disgraceful page, referring to the subject of Guantanamo.

In late July, U.S. authorities decided to release Mingazova, with 14 years in prison on military base of Guantanamo in Cuba without presenting formal charges.

In the US 48-year-old Mingazov was accused that fought against the Northern Alliance on the side of the Taliban (banned in Russia) in Afghanistan. The Pentagon believed that the Russians may be linked to extremist group in Uzbekistan, which in turn is linked to al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia).

Mingazov was detained in asylum in Pakistan along with Abu Zubaydah, who is considered a mediator of the terrorist group, it also contains at Guantanamo.

Mingazova lawyers asked U.S. authorities to send him to Nottingham, where his son and ex-wife, has been granted political asylum.

The Pentagon reported that Mingazov does not want to return to Russia. Earlier, Moscow also demanded the release and return home of the Russians. U.S. Department of defense reported that the prisoner “despises the Russian government” and fears that in Russia he was charged. The Pentagon also noted that, as argued Mingazov in the Guantanamo treated better than he would be treated in Russia.