Media: the British MI6 will recruit nearly a thousand spies to combat terrorism

MOSCOW, 22 sen — news. The British foreign intelligence service MI6 is going to the end of the decade to increase its staff by nearly a thousand officers to the fight against global terrorism, said on Thursday the Times newspaper.

The extension of the state of MI6 will be part of the plan announced last year by the government to increase by 15%, or 1,900 persons, employees of the British intelligence services, including MI5, MI6 and government communications at the foreign Ministry. Thus, as notes the edition, the number of employees of the foreign intelligence service will increase to the end of the decade from 2.5 thousand to almost 3.5 thousand.

As the newspaper notes, this is necessary in order to cope with the large amount of digital data used by MI6 to determine mediators and threats. As expected, analysts will be engaged in the establishment of “digital footprints” left by users of the Internet, mobile phones and laptops.

As stated by the head of service, Alex Younger, the digital world is a threat, because opponents can use these features in order to obtain a visual confirmation of our actions, which means we need to completely change the way we work”.

Earlier it was reported that the UK government will allocate up to 2020 an additional two billion pounds in funding for counter-terrorism intelligence units, including special forces. As stated by David Cameron, who earlier held the post of Prime Minister, funds will be allocated, including to protection from cyber attacks and a doubling of the number.