Media: ex-Senator Lebedev is suspected of fraud of $220 million

MOSCOW, 22 sen — news. Criminal case filed against ex-Senator of the Chuvash Republic and co-owner of group “Synthesis” by Leonid Lebedev, he is suspected of fraud for $ 220 million, according to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing a source close to the investigation.

According to the newspaper, the case was initiated by the management of the Affairs of the Tver region on September 7, under part 4 of article 159 “fraud” against Lebedev and “unidentified persons”. This information newspaper confirmed law enforcement officer. What in regard to Lebedev criminal case, also confirmed through a representative “Synthesis” lawyer Alexey Grebensky.

According to the source, the case was initiated after the statement of Igor Krylov, the representative of the company Lonicera Participation Corp, which owns 0,0045% of shares of TGK-2 (controlled by the group “Synthesis”). The interlocutor of “Vedomosti” familiar with the statement, which was sent to law enforcement agencies on 6 September. In this Krylov writes that in the 2009-2015 TGC-2 did not pay dividends to shareholders and from the media and websites of the Russian courts, and he knows that in Tver criminal case against the Directors of TGK-2. According to the statement, the leaders of TGC-2 and Lebedev stole TGK-2 $ 220 million and was brought to vicarious liability. This caused Lonicera damages in the amount of $ 220 million.

Wings confirmed to the newspaper that represents the interests of the Lonicera, a representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Tver region on the request is not answered.

Representative TGK-2 announced that the criminal case against Lebedev is surprising – he never was part of the governing bodies. According to him, the law enforcement agencies in TGC-2 are not addressed.

“A criminal case, in my opinion, is another clear signal and says that opponents of Mr. Lebedev is ready to take the most extreme measures,” the newspaper quoted the lawyer Grebensky.

In his opinion, the charges Lebedev ridiculous and look weird, since the case was filed the day after application and in Tver, not in Yaroslavl, the place of registration of TGC-2.