Roman Rotenberg: Champions of the NHL and the KHL could conduct a series of three matches

TORONTO, 21 Sep – R-Sport, Alexander Rogulev. First Vice-President of Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR) and member of the Board of Directors of CHL Roman Rotenberg said that the winners of the Championships of the NHL and the KHL could conduct a series of three matches with each other.

On Tuesday in the world Cup in Toronto, a meeting was held between the leaders of the Russian hockey Federation and the NHL.

“It is very important to hold tournaments of such level,” said Rotenberg reporters. — We do stand for something, to have more contact with the NHL, more matches with each other, more exhibition matches. Including between the clubs. Because our audience also needs to see our players play in the NHL. This dialogue is long, and we return to him. It is possible to arrange three match between the winner of the Gagarin Cup and Stanley Cup, for example. After the world Cup we will make specific proposals to the NHL”.

“Only it must not be a one-way street,” added Mr. Rothenberg. — In hockey, the game is not one gate but two. And in negotiations the same, they should be bilateral. We will always defend the interests of our country and our Federation. It is very important to have cooperation between us. Contact now good, we can discuss the details further.”

The last time the clubs NHL and KHL played in 2010, when in St. Petersburg saw SKA and “Carolina” and Riga “Dynamo” (Riga) and Phoenix (now Arizona).

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