“VKontakte” allowed to send voice messages in personal correspondence

In the social network “Vkontakte” there was a possibility of exchange of voice messages during the correspondence. About this informed the head of mobile products Mikhail Boldov in the official blog of the social network.

For transmission of the audio, the user must press and hold the microphone icon in the chat window. If the icon swipe left — the record will be deleted, reported Boldov. According to him, when you record audio in the web version of “Vkontakte” before sending it, you can listen to in its entirety, or rewind to the desired location.

In the mobile version of the social network, the user needs to swipe your finger up after you start recording a message.

At the moment, sharing audio messages available to users of operating systems Android, Windows Phone and web version of “Vkontakte”. The iOS version will be available soon.

Boldov noted that the exchange of audio messages “will be convenient for those who prefer a live conversation want to save time correspondence or does not have the ability to text”.

20 Sep “Vkontakte” also launched money transfer service through which users can send up to 75 thousand RUB through messages.