The founder of the Park will be engaged in organic fertilizers

The Founder Of The Park” Ruslan Bayramov

“Propaganda topics of organic agriculture we are a few years, but they joined in this year”, — says Ruslan Bayramov. About 20 hectares on the territory of the Park, whose total area is 140 hectares, was in 2016 given under vegetables (potatoes, zucchini, beets) and grains. In the future, in the framework of the project “Agroeconomic” it is planned to plant gardens, build greenhouses and conduct workshops on organic farming.

By 2020 Bayramov wants to see 56 hectares of land and hopes to get 450 tons of products (fruits and vegetables) annually. For comparison, one of the largest organic farms, “the photo shooting took place”, plans this year to collect 825 tons of vegetables from 42.6 ha. Assistant in the project will be the Institute of organic agriculture, strategic financial partner of the “ETNOMIR” has become this year.

Currently, the Institute also conducts experiments and testing of fertilizer that can be used in organic agriculture. Their production is Ruslan Bayramov is planning to launch by spring of next year, which is negotiating with the management of poultry farms in the Kaluga, Moscow and Belgorod regions, and in Tatarstan.

Organic fertilizers are produced by granulation of poultry litter without the use of chemicals. The capacity of the first production, according to Bayramov, will be 10-12 thousand tons of fertilizers per year. Just for the next five years the owner intends to open ten production sites, investing in the project from 500 million to 1 billion rubles.

Executive Director of the National organic Union Oleg Mironenko believes that the production of organic fertilizers in Russia has great prospects, but the market is small and has a number of obstacles to development. “Technology of production and certification of organic fertilizers rather complex and unproven,” says the expert. According to him, in addition to the Park on plans for the production of organic drugs was declared by several companies. The problem is that they have to confirm the organic origin fertilizers and technology of their processing. For this certification must have the very poultry, explains Mironenko.

According to his estimates, only in Russia there are 70-80 certified companies that produce organic agricultural products. However, many large manufacturers, for example, the company “the photo shooting took place” and “Organic”, working in a closed cycle and provide themselves with fertilizer.

Bayramov himself acknowledges that the niche of organic fertilizers is still very small, and to convince farmers in product quality, will take at least a year. “Farmers are very conservative. It needs to understand what is happening with the soil, with the production”, — said Bayramov.

In General, the market of organic agricultural products because of the crisis grows more slowly than expected. According to the National organic Union, the last three years, every year it increases by about 4%, although previously predicted growth of 10-12%. Today the total market is $150-160 million, and 90% of the products imported from abroad, said Mironenko.

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