SpaceX will resume launches in November

American company Elon musk SpaceX, which is lost due to the explosion of September 1, the launch vehicle Falcon 9 with the satellite, plans to resume flights in November. This was stated by chief operating officer of the company Gwyn Shotwell, according to Bloomberg.

According to her, for almost three months SpaceX will not produce triggers, but in November they will be resumed. “We obviously take another look at the rocket, we focus on terrestrial systems,” said Shotwell.

1 September on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida explosion rockets-the Falcon 9 communications satellite for the Israeli Spacecom Ltd. The spacecraft was put a satellite into orbit. SpaceX founder Elon Musk reported that the explosion occurred in the Gulf rocket fuel in the oxygen tank of the upper stage of the Falcon 9.

As a result of accident was lost the carrier rocket and the satellite, which was to use the French operator Eutelsat and Facebook. In Eutelsat has estimated potential losses from the loss of the satellite to €50 million.