Former Governor of Sevastopol has announced the creation of the Agency for the development of Siberia

In the Siberian Federal district (SFO) on the basis of the Association “Siberian agreement” will be created by the development Agency of Siberia. The journalists said the presidential envoy in the Siberian Federal district Sergei Menyailo, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“It is clear that there are several areas that at the moment need to reformat. The first is the interregional Association “Siberian agreement”. We are already working on it — it will become the development Agency of Siberia”, — said Menyailo.

As expected, the Agency should become a body which will unite scientific thought, the expert community, project offices of the regions of Siberia, as well as investment projects.

To oversee the work of the new structure is the former chief Federal inspector in the Novosibirsk region Vadim Golovko, who will be the new Deputy Ambassador, said meniailo. The previous incumbent Andrei Filichev left the post at own will, said the Ambassador.

Menyailo also said that on a post of the head of the Agency, there are several candidates, one of whom was previously the Deputy Minister, the man who including the state performed the important task of construction of Olympic facilities (within Sochi) as a public servant.” The name of the person, the envoy did not call.

July 28, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of schedule stopped powers of the Governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo, appointing him envoy to the Siberian Federal district. As he confessed Menyailo, about his appointment he has learned from the press. Menyailo became Governor of Sevastopol in October 2014. In the ranking of the Pro-Kremlin development Fund civil society, which was released in June of this year, the position of the head of Sevastopol was reduced to five lines by moving to a lower group.

The former head of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol Alexey Chaly, who became one of the heroes of the “Russian spring” (March 18, 2014, together with Sergey Aksyonov signed with Putin the agreement on the adoption of Crimea in structure of Russia) has welcomed the resignation Menyailo and called it “a turning step in plus” for the city.