Samsung will replace the supplier of batteries for Galaxy Note 7 due to fires

The Chinese company Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) will become the main supplier of batteries for smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This was reported by Reuters familiar with the situation source.

According to him, soon ATL will take delivery of the batteries. The company has already received additional orders for batteries for Galaxy Note 7, noted the Agency interlocutor.

Chapter operating the ATL office by phone refused to comment on the Reuters information about specific customers because of confidentiality agreements. However, he said that this month the business of the company “significantly increased”. “This situation we expect to last one to two quarters. It will not bring problems with production capacity,” he said.

10 Sep recommend Samsung owners of Galaxy Note 7 to switch off the phone and to exchange them as soon as possible. The reason was problems with the battery, in particular, of fires during charging.

On Tuesday Bloomberg, citing Samsung confirmed that the cause of the fire was a defect in the battery.

Yesterday it was reported that stock prices of Samsung has experienced the strongest two-day drop in eight years. They fell more than by 10.61% and on Monday, September 12, at the close of trading on the Korean stock exchange in Seoul was worth 1,465 million won apiece. According to estimates by Bloomberg, the drop in prices has led to the fact that the market capitalization of Samsung Electronics for two days decreased by $22 billion.