Samsung has named the preliminary cause of the fire is Galaxy Note 7

The cause of the fire smartphone Galaxy Note 7, according to preliminary data, is a defect in the battery, reports Bloomberg with reference to the manufacturer of the Samsung Electronics Co.

According to them, the reason for this error in production. The defect has arisen due to the pressure on the plates contained in the battery. Samsung stressed that it is necessary to conduct a more thorough analysis to determine the “exact cause” of damage to the battery. The Agency reminds that earlier, there were 35 occasions when the battery failure led to overheating, or fire.

A few days ago, on 10 September, Samsung filed a recommendation to the owners of Galaxy Note 7 to switch off the phone and to exchange them as soon as possible. The reason for this were problems with the battery, in particular, reported that they light up during charging. As Bloomberg adds, citing its own sources, the major supplier of batteries for the Note 7 was Samsung SDI Co.

As he wrote RBC, the problems with the new smartphone South Korean company at a cost of $22 billion According to estimates by Bloomberg, this is the amount the company lost due to the fall in the stock price.