The company “VIM-Avia” has received in rent the second plane of “Transaero”

The leasing company “TransFin-M” in the framework of a previously signed operating lease agreements referred the Boeing B767-300ER aircraft, which were operated earlier “Transaero”, leased to the airline “VIM-Avia”, reported the press service of “TransFin-M”. This is the second aircraft that previously flew under the brand of “Transaero” leased “VIM-Avia”, the report said.

At the end of 2015, “Transaero” has revoked the license of the operator in respect of the company was commenced bankruptcy proceedings, so the “TransFin-M” and other leasing companies have taken away from her aircraft. The main lessors of the airline — “VEB-Leasing” “VTB-Leasing” and “Sberbank-Leasing”. Initially, 34 of the plane was going to take Aeroflot, especially for his “daughter” of “Russia”, but later reduced their number to nine pieces — up to 25 aircraft.

“The bankruptcy of the airline “Transaero” was a shock not only for passengers who loved and trusted to the carrier, but for all financial market participants. The largest leasing companies have financed the lion’s share of the Park “Transaero” and many banks have provided the company with unsecured loans,” — said General Director of “TransFin-M” Dmitry Zotov (his words are in the message). But compared to banks, the leasing companies are in “much better position”, he said, the planes are their property and do not fall into the bankruptcy estate in bankruptcy.