The Syrian opposition has seen in the armistice agreement double standards

As informs Agency Reuters, citing two representatives of the moderate opposition, in his letter to the opponents of Bashar al-Assad pointed out that, in General, positively evaluate the idea of the truce, but pointed out its concern with the individual points of the Russian-American agreement, “related to the very existence of the opposition and the continuation of the revolution.”

In particular, the moderate opposition was considered a policy of double standards, the idea to forbid her to cooperate with the organization “Dzhabhat Fateh al-sham” (the former “dzhebhat an-Nusra”) associated with “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist network). They attribute this to the fact that while in the agreement not mentioned the volunteer units, supported by Iran, who arrived from Iraq, Lebanon and Iran fighting on the side of the government army.

The letter also stated that in the agreement there is no mechanism of monitoring violations of the truce or punishment for non-compliance. Opponents of Assad believe that this led to the collapse of the previous agreement on the cease-fire.

In addition, the opposition is unhappy that government aircraft allowed to fly 9 days after the onset of the hour of the armistice. Assad’s opponents believe that the government, the air force will seize this opportunity to attack their positions.

Also the moderate opposition pointed out that the agreement says nothing about the guarantees of its troops surrounded government troops in the town of Darayya near Damascus.

On Saturday Reuters reported that the U.S. special envoy on Syria, Michael Ratni sent to the Syrian opposition letter, which indicated that the cooperation with the group “Fateh al sham” can lead to “alarming consequences” for the opponents of Bashar al-Assad. It was emphasized that agreements with Moscow give the moderate opposition the right to self-defence in case of attack from Russia or the Syrian army.