The attempt on Reagan’s shooter was released from a psychiatric hospital

American John Hinckley Jr., who for more than 35 years ago made an attempt on the then US President Donald Reagan, was released from a psychiatric clinic in Washington, reports the Associated Press.

In late July, the court ruled that 61-year-old Hinckley is not a danger to himself or to society and allowed him to reside with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia.

According to the Agency, Hinckley for the duration of its long-term treatment once visited Williamsburg and were getting ready to move there for permanent residence. Now he has to follow a set of rules. Among them – to work at least three days a week, regularly attend therapy sessions in Williamsburg once a month to ride to the reception in a hospital in Washington for evaluation of his mental health. Also he is forbidden to communicate with the press and make without permission an account in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn.

The attempt on Ronald Reagan occurred March 30, 1981. It happened just two months after his inauguration. The President and three of his attendants were wounded when exiting the Hilton hotel in Washington, where Reagan gave a speech to the delegates of the Federation of trade unions.