Musk talked about the features of upgrading the autopilot system Tesla

Private us developer of unmanned vehicles Tesla Motors Co in a new update semi-Autonomous driving system will use an advanced radar that will improve its ability to prevent crashes. About it reports Reuters with reference to the company’s founder Elon musk.

According to him, the new update will allow to prevent accidents and deaths. System Autopilot 8.0 will also stop the system if the user does not respond to audible warnings.

“We make much more effective use of the radar,” he told reporters during a telephone conversation Musk. “It will be a significant improvement in the security of the system, which became possible due to the complete software update”.

While Musk said that the developer will not be able to guarantee the security of vehicles. “Perfect safety is really an unattainable goal. It is for increasing security.”

In early may in the U.S. state of Florida was the first fatal accident involving a car on autopilot Tesla Motors. Then Tesla S driving with exceeding the speed limit and collided with a truck. Was in the car, 40-year-old man died.

8 September in the Netherlands in the collision of a Tesla tree died was driving the 53-year-old man.