In Mexico, thousands of people protested against gay marriage

About 40 thousand Mexicans have taken part in protests against the legalization of gay marriage throughout the country, reports Reuters.

Protests were held throughout the country and lasted all day September 10. The Agency notes that the rallies were peaceful.

Now gay marriage is allowed in the capital Mexico city and some States of Mexico. However, President Enrique Nieto proposed to legalize same-sex marriage throughout Mexico. He said that the Congress should discuss the matter and solve it.

In mid-may in Italy has allowed civil unions for same-sex couples. Before that in January the country held a mass rally in support of same-sex unions.

The first country to legalize same-sex marriages was the Netherlands. In 2013, the French authorities have allowed same-sex couples to marry. A similar law was later approved by the Parliament of great Britain. In June 2015, in all States of the United States has also become possible to register same-sex marriages. And in April of this year, Colombia’s constitutional court approved the conclusion of same-sex marriages.