Co-owner of Russian media group filed a second lawsuit against the leading broadcasting holdings

Founder and co-owner of Russian media group (RMG) Sergey Kozhevnikov filed a second lawsuit in the Moscow arbitration court against ZAO “Russian media group”. This is stated on the court’s website.

In the files of arbitration cases clarified that the lawsuit was filed 8 Sep.

As reported by RNS itself Kozhevnikov, the lawsuit was filed due to the fact that as a shareholder of RMG, it does not receive sufficient information about the activities of the company. “I filed this lawsuit because, as a shareholder of the company, I do not get sufficient information on its activities”, — said Kozhevnikov.

The first lawsuit against RMG Kozhevnikov filed may 26. Then he stated that he is opposed to RMG was a guarantor for the loan of the company Vladimir Kiselev “Business-the guarantor” for the purchase of the holding company. “The Board I opposed this decision, but it was accepted by a majority of votes. This decision may lead to bankruptcy of the enterprise”, — said the founder of RMG.