Lavrov gave journalists vodka and pizza

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has brought journalists, who anticipate a meeting with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry press conference, several boxes of pizza, reports TASS.

Journalists await the conclusion of negotiations between Moscow and Washington on Syria for more than 14 hours.

One of the reporters after receiving the boxes of pizza as a joke asked: “where’s the vodka?”. Lavrov, according to TASS, again stopped in the hall and asked who asked her, and then brought a bag with two bottles.

“Pizza by the American delegation, and vodka from the Russian,” — said Lavrov.

The meeting of foreign Ministers held in Geneva. The Agency Reuters with reference to the representative of the U.S. state Department earlier said that the parties failed to achieve progress during the meeting. But talk about reaching a final agreement yet, as there are some technical details that require study, said the state Department.

Lavrov earlier expressed hope of the imminent conclusion of the negotiations, but said that the meeting could be held next week. He also apologized for such a long wait, explaining that the American delegation for five hours now agrees with Washington’s position on the Syrian issue.